Mareike Brych M.Sc.


Room  201


Department of Psychology (III)

Röntgenring 11

97070 Würzburg, Germany

Phone: +49 931 318 9006

Fax:     +49 931 318 2815


Research Interest

Brain and body rhythms

Oscillatory brain activity and multisensory integration

Binocular rivalry



Part of the group Brain and Body Rhythms




PhD project:

The effect of eye movements on cortical and subcortical oscillatory activity and their role in cognitive processes

My part of the research project “Brain and Body Rhythms” will assess the consequences of eye movements on perceptual processes in different modalities. Using specific behavioural tasks, eye tracking and MEG recordings, ongoing oscillatory brain activity will be related to eye movements and percept focusing on non-visual and multi-sensory input. By synchronizing ongoing cortical brain activity, eye movements could facilitate the processing of sensory input.

Additionally, ECoG data recorded from the hippocampus of epileptic patients will be analyzed in order to investigate the influence of blinking on ongoing oscillatory hippocampal activity.